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CBD: Cannabidiol


As well as proudly carrying cGMP certified consumer products such as MasterMind, Rise, and Genesis, NootritionHub also offers an array of nootropic research compounds through its partners.

Currently we offer competitively priced theanine, aniracetam, hydrafinil, Adrafinil, sunifiram, Modafinil, oxiracetam, pterostilbene, CDP-choline, Alpha-GPC, magnesium L-threonate, pramiracetam, and nefiracetam.

Please review the laws and regulations of your country before importing any these items. If you are a producer, please contact us directly to join our network.


CBD Wholesale


CBD Wholesale

CBD is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. An anti-inflammatory, stress reducer, and pain reliever with a myriad of medical uses. It is becoming an increasingly popular, not just as medicine, but as a supplement for ordinary people looking to reap its benefits. It is used in tinctures, edibles, capsules, sprays, and beverages from soda to coffee.

Whether you’re looking to design a top of the line nutritional supplement or become the next soft drink tycoon, there’s a chance the road to your destination is paved with CBD. Our suppliers can sell high quality CBD at a fraction of the cost. As experts of supply chain management, they can send their products inexpensively, passing on the savings to you and your customers. The iron is hot and it is time to strike. CBD moguls are being made right now, do not miss out!

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