Relaxed Focus from a Natural Nootropic – The Power of Theanine

There are a modicum of drugs and herbs on the market that alleviate stress. For those with anxiety disorders these medications may be necessary, but for the majority of us, who are simply trying to cope with the demands placed upon us by everyday life, there are gentler alternatives. Theanine reduces adverse responses to both physiological and psychological stressors in rats and humans (Kimura, 2007). Theanine is found in tea. Side effects are rare and not exactly life threatening, but they can include headaches and nausea (usually when large amounts

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Rhodiola Rosea – All Natural Adaptogen and Nootropic

There is evidence for R. Rosea’s efficacy as a nootropic, mood elevator, and general purpose adaptogen. A staple of Chinese medicine, it is only second to ginseng in popularity as a promoter of all-around resilience. As an adaptogen it is purported to prevent declines in work performance, headaches, sleep disturbances, poor appetite, irritability, and fatigue while bolstering the immune system. Most, though not all, of its touted benefits have been tested in placebo-controlled studies. While there is more work to be done (there always is), high quality Rhodiola appears to

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The Purest Nootropic in the World

MasterMind is cGMP certified, USDA organic, Kosher, and third party tested to the hilt. Each batch, documented here, is thoroughly vetted for purity and potency. As someone who has written for websites like Nootriment for over five years, and has inspected their hundreds of nutritional supplements, I can attest to MasterMind’s uniqueness in a cesspool of pills and powders which may or may not do - or even contain - what their makers claim. More often than not neither the blends nor any of their individual ingredients have any clinical

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Green and Black Tea Extract

Tea has been consumed for millennia and has, as modern evidence-based medicine is showing, a variety of seemingly miraculous properties. Yet for those who want the benefits but do not enjoy its taste (coffee devotees call it “grassy”) or those who do not want to risk exposing themselves to unhealthy amounts of aluminum or fluoride by downing a gallon of the stuff every day, there are extracts of green and black tea that make getting the benefits fast, simple, and if you prefer coffee, painless. Most commonly it is used

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