The Benefits of the Bacopa Plant

The Bacopa (Monnieri) plant is one of the most widely-known and closely studied natural nootropics in the world. Other names for it include Brahmi and Hyssop. It’s a member of the herb genus and a very hardy perennial, growing mainly, like the Maca plant (see previous article) at high altitudes. It’s to be found on the Hindu Kush and Himalayan ranges, along with areas across South East Asia and in some of the southern states of America. Bacopa comes with many colors of small delicate flowers and thick, succulent leaves.

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The Maca Root: Nature’s Best Kept Secret

What is Maca? The Maca plant (Lepidium Peruvianum) is a member of the Brassica family, which includes carrots, turnips, and broccoli. A clue to its remarkable effects is that an alternative name is “Peruvian ginseng.” It is extraordinary because it grows only at extreme altitudes - that is, above 3800m (12, 500 feet) in the Andes mountains of Central and South America. Studies have shown that the red Maca (pictured above) is the strongest of the 3 main varieties. That it survives and prospers in such thin soil and with

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The Elderberry Tree: History & Health

The Elder (Sambucus) is a bushy plant with delicate white flowers found mostly in semi-temperate parts of the world, differing only slightly from area to area. It is fast-growing, making it ideal as hedgerow and is much sought after for its many other qualities and uses. It ranges from the Himalayas, across most of Europe to America and Australia, where its flowers are used as decoration and in other areas for the wines produced both from the flowers and fruit. It is also used to make the clear, strong liquor,

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Fisetin and Your Memory

Fisetin has been rigorously researched for its beneficial activities including reduction of the impact of aging, disease, and the improvement of cognition. Here, we will focus primarily on its potency as a nootropic - a smart drug for your brain. As a nootropic, fisetin is observed to protect nerve cells (Ishige, 2001), and promote their differentiation (Sagara, 2004). Fisetin also markedly acts on the hippocampus, potentially improving memory and learning. (He, 2018) The implications for the treatment of Alzheimers and other dementias are clear. Fisetin has been administered in studies

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Quercetin For the Heart and Mind

Found in many fruits and vegetables is a natural flavonoid called Quercetin. This polyphenol has an abundance of effects conducive to general health. As more research accrues, the list of quercitin’s prospective benefits grow, indicating quercetin supplements may produce positive effects for health issues ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer. Moreover, studies have shown significant cognitive benefits from this compound in healthy subjects and those with neurodegenerative diseases. In consideration of general cardiovascular health, blood pressure plays a significant role. Supplementation with quercetin has shown itself to be an excellent

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Lion’s Mane for a Better Brain

Many nootropic products are relatively new with little research to support their cognition-enhancing claims. Racetams are one of these as the first of its kind did not surface until the latter half of the twentieth century. On the other hand, there are nootropic products that have a history stretching back millennia, and were well understood by the ancients to improve the mind. One of these products is Lion’s Mane mushroom. This remarkable nootropic supplement has been widely studied with great results. The findings show what traditional Chinese medicine has known

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PQQ: The Cognitive-Enhancing, Health-Inducing, ‘Longevity Vitamin’

Nootropic products are touted for their purported effects on different  aspects of cognition. Although there is nothing wrong with this, especially when they deliver on their promises, the holy grail remains a supplement that can do this while improving overall health. With Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), the prospects for not only increasing cognition but health and longevity are tangible.  A study demonstrated that not only does PQQ induce mitochondrial biogenesis, but is more effective at lower doses than other known assistants in mitochondria manufacturing. The illustrious list of compounds that PQQ

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Nootropics in the Long Run

What’s the best brain supplement? The one that works the longest! It’s the one that keeps helping you improve day after day for years on end. I haven’t seen Limitless, but smart drug (nootropics) enthusiasts like to talk about it. It’s a nice fantasy; a pill lets a guy learn anything instantly, which for some reason upsets Robert Deniro. That’s my impression from the trailer, anyway. We can forgive a movie for not being realistic. What’s sad is it’s not that different from real products we see claiming to blast

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Cordyceps, Your Immune System, and You

Traditionally Cordyceps has been used as an adaptogen, something to fight fatigue, enhance physical strength, elevate sex drive, and clear mental fog - particularly in the elderly. Along with this long history of use, Cordyceps has a significant number of peer-reviewed double-blind studies to substantiate its benefits. Cordyceps also has a long history of use in the treatment of respiratory infections, likely through immune activation. It's documented anti-tumor activity is also likely thanks to this property. Cordyceps improves oxygen utilization, so it's not surprising that cordyceps supplementation is helpful for

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Coffee: Liver Health and Antidepressant

Coffee has been beloved by more than one intellectual. Bach would drink it by the gallon to supercharge his prolific powers; Balzac would brew gallons of it to churn out literary masterpieces by the dozens; Emanuel Swedenborg, the great mystic and scientist, would indulge heavily in the drink to sustain his research into mechanics, geology, physics, and theology. More recently, coffee has been found to have health benefits. The evidence, which we will review here, is mixed in some areas, but for the most part tips the scales in favor

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