Forget “Brain Games,” Try Video Games

While there was a fair amount of buzz about “brain games” - games specifically designed to target memory, executive functioning (planning, among other things), focus, verbal fluency, ot some other aspect of cognition - there is no strong evidence to suggest they are better for your brain than chess, Go, Starcraft, or League of Legends. Even playing Pacman requires focus, impulse control, and strategic thinking. To date the only “brain game” with significant scientific backing is Dual N Back, which was found to boost the IQ scores of the study’s

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Keep Calm: Theanine a Nootropic for Anxiety, Concentration, and Flow

  “Stillness is the ruler of haste.” -Lao Tzu   Have you ever downed a couple cups of coffee hoping it’ll help you meet a deadline? Probably. You might have found it didn’t work all that well. You either failed to get anything on the paper because your creative block didn’t vanish or what you produced was uninspired. While there isn’t a supplement yet proven to reduce procrastination, it is clear that guzzling espresso will more than likely make you nervous and flatulent. This is not what anyone would call

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Astragalus: Anti-Aging Supplement, Telomere Health, and Nootropic

Telomeres are a hot topic in aging research. With each cell division telomeres become shorter until, eventually, the cells can no longer replicate. Common sense lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise and refraining from smoking, prevent premature shortening. Astragalus, an herb with a long history of human use, activates telomerase (an enzyme that repairs telomeres), has gained the attention of the scientific community. Geneticist Richard Cawthon and his colleagues at the University of Utah discovered that in people over 60 those with shorter telomeres were three times more likely to

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Nootropics in the Carribean: Allysian’s 2019 Elite Escape

Aruba, Jamaica, Key Largo, Montigo, Bermuda, Bahamas - while we did not manage to hit all the spots mentioned by the Beach Boys or find the fabled Kokomo, Allysian’s 2019 Elite Escape was an event that brought together a diverse group of people with a shared love of fun, sun, fitness, brain health, and high quality nootropics. The Caribbean was the perfect place to lounge, laze, and enjoy the company of other people who had earned the right to lounge and laze. At the first dinner, as I was deciding

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Sulbutiamine – Natural Fatigue Fighting Nootropic and Ergogenic Aid

One of the first things people notice after taking sulbutiamine is a rush of energy and a motivation to get things done. Asthenia, abnormal weakness or lack of energy, is the most common reason people visit a physician (Van Reeth, 1999). It is prescribed under the brand names Arcalion and Enerion for this condition. In one study with 1,772 subjects suffering from post-infective asthenia, sulbutiamine completely resolved symptoms in nearly 50% of the participants - the remainder experienced some degree of relief (Shah, 2009). Regular administration acts as a vigilance

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Buy Legal Modafinil – Adrafinil is a Provigiliant Nootropic

In most countries Modafinil can only be obtained by prescription, which is why Adrafinil, which is transformed into its more famous cousin in the liver, is gaining popularity. Modafinil has been used for decades by fighter pilots to remain alert and, since the retirement of dextroamphetamine, is the only drug allowed by the U.S. Air Force (Caldwell, 2005). Prescribed for chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy, the two “finils” are becoming popular with Wall Street traders, computer programmers, athletes, and ordinary people looking to gain to work longer and harder

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Forget Resveratrol – Pterostilbene as a Nootropic and Anti-Aging Supplement

For a few years resveratrol was touted as the new fountain of youth. This was partially the result of over 145 claims in academic journals that were later found to be false. Dr. Dipak Das committed the cardinal sin of science. 19 of his papers were retracted in August of 2013. He died one month later. The claims made in his fabricated findings continue to linger in the popular mind. In theory resveratrol could have amazing effects on the human body, and while its absorption is fairly high, it is

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Ginkgo Biloba

The Ginkgo Tree is among the most ancient living plants on earth. The oldest specimens date back to nearly 200 million years and its leaves have been used for medicinal purposes for at least 5,000 (Mckenna et. al 2001). Gingko’s primary active compounds are flavonoids and the terpenoids. These molecules improve cognition and memory for young and old alike. While it is in the popular mind most closely associated with supporting cognitive function in healthy people, ginkgo has also been explored as a treatment for cardiovascular disease, a way of

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Phosphatidylserine has attracted attention over the last three decades as a nootropic and athletic performance aid. As a cortisol blocker, it acts as an adaptogen by mitigating the effects of the body’s primary stress hormone. Along with assisting with focus and improving resilience, PS is also being investigated as an adjunctive therapy for depression, ADHD, and age-related memory loss. PS is a critical component of cell membranes and is especially concentrated in the brain. Recently it was found that it assists in efficient apoptosis (Matsura, 2014). In other words, it

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Relaxed Focus from a Natural Nootropic – The Power of Theanine

There are a modicum of drugs and herbs on the market that alleviate stress. For those with anxiety disorders these medications may be necessary, but for the majority of us, who are simply trying to cope with the demands placed upon us by everyday life, there are gentler alternatives. Theanine reduces adverse responses to both physiological and psychological stressors in rats and humans (Kimura, 2007). Theanine is found in tea. Side effects are rare and not exactly life threatening, but they can include headaches and nausea (usually when large amounts

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