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A long-time nootropics enthusiast who is fascinated with the prospect of cognitive enhancement, John Ryan is an independent writer who received his University education at Northern Michigan University, as a history major, where he was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society for academic excellence. While in Michigan, he also trained as an athlete at the United States Olympic Education Center, where he achieved the status of a multiple-time University All-American in Greco-Roman wrestling. He has authored several plays and a collection of poetry.
15 03, 2021


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Throughout the ages and across many cultures, humans have been obsessed with life extension and immortality. Legends revolving around magical substances like the Elixir of Life are found in cultures as diverse as Ancient Mesopotamia and Japan. Although we can reasonably deduce that no such substance exists, there are certainly compounds that help slow certain aspects of aging. In the world of nootropics, one supplement stands out, centrophenoxine. As one of the earliest nootropics to be synthesized, centrophenoxine has a wealth of research to support its role in enhancing cognition

11 03, 2021

Galantamine: Nootropic for Lucid Dreams?

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In The Science of the Magical acclaimed journalist, Matt Kaplan relates a stunning story of a powerful plant given by the god Hermes to Odysseus, to render him invulnerable to the unremembering potion of Circe. Homer tells us that the gods call it moly. The poet describes the appearance of this ancient neuroprotector, we now know it is the snowdrop plant, the source of the dynamic nootropic galantamine. Although the ancients were aware of some of its profound effects, the plant did not arouse scientific interest until 1951, when a

10 02, 2021

Nootropic Synergy and Alpha-GPC

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Environmental factors and genetic factors can tax and damage the brain. Even if we choose wisely in our daily lives, eschewing a poor diet and other pitfalls, the damage that comes with the aging process may be needlessly accelerated. For this reason, incorporating proper nootropic supplements to mitigate or reverse this trend becomes essential to our brain health and general cognition. Alpha GPC, also known as choline alphoscerate, is a compound that is well-established as an effective treatment for neuronal injury, as well as a means to increase acetylcholine levels

10 02, 2021

Magnesium L-Threonate: A Nootropic to Remember

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Magnesium is an essential mineral. It has over three hundred known roles in enzyme reactions. It is vital for nerve health, regulation of blood pressure, muscular function, and cognitive processes. Despite its importance, the majority of Americans fail to meet recommended daily intake. Finding a highly bioavailable source further compounds the problem. Fortunately, companies like Double Wood Supplements provide Magnesium L-Threonate, a highly bioavailable form that is well-known through research to confer profound effects on cognition and general health. It would result in a sprawling and unwieldy article, if one

2 02, 2021

Better (and Smarter) Living with Acetyl L-Carnitine

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Acetyl L-Carnitine is an A plus supplement in the world of nootropics. Its potential benefits cover a wide spectrum, it is a rigorously studied compound. Unlike many potentially useful nootropics, there is an extensive literature about acetyl- L-carnitine. For the purposes of this article, I will draw attention towards its effects on cognition in healthy subjects as well as those afflicted with various disorders. Studies have been conducted with both short and long-term durations, the briefest study consisted of acetyl l-carnitine supplementation for a mere three days. Remarkably, although one

2 02, 2021

Uridine: A Holy Grail of Nootropics

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Discovering nootropic supplements sometimes feels like finding a holy grail. When a compound benefits our mental and physical health, it is exhilarating. One of these smart supplements is Uridine Monophosphate. Uridine has exhibited positive effects for cognition and learning, Alzheimer’s Disease, Bipolar Disorder, and cardiac health. Although the research on uridine’s role in improving cognition is not extensive because it has not been studied widely in this capacity, there is a study performed which displayed significant improvements on human subjects in an array of cognitive tests. Memory, visual learning, execution

30 12, 2020

Fisetin and Your Memory

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Fisetin has been rigorously researched for its beneficial activities including reduction of the impact of aging, disease, and the improvement of cognition. Here, we will focus primarily on its potency as a nootropic - a smart drug for your brain. As a nootropic, fisetin is observed to protect nerve cells (Ishige, 2001), and promote their differentiation (Sagara, 2004). Fisetin also markedly acts on the hippocampus, potentially improving memory and learning. (He, 2018) The implications for the treatment of Alzheimers and other dementias are clear. Fisetin has been administered in studies

18 12, 2020

Quercetin For the Heart and Mind

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Found in many fruits and vegetables is a natural flavonoid called Quercetin. This polyphenol has an abundance of effects conducive to general health. As more research accrues, the list of quercitin’s prospective benefits grow, indicating quercetin supplements may produce positive effects for health issues ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer. Moreover, studies have shown significant cognitive benefits from this compound in healthy subjects and those with neurodegenerative diseases. In consideration of general cardiovascular health, blood pressure plays a significant role. Supplementation with quercetin has shown itself to be an excellent

8 12, 2020

Lion’s Mane for a Better Brain

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Many nootropic products are relatively new with little research to support their cognition-enhancing claims. Racetams are one of these as the first of its kind did not surface until the latter half of the twentieth century. On the other hand, there are nootropic products that have a history stretching back millennia, and were well understood by the ancients to improve the mind. One of these products is Lion’s Mane mushroom. This remarkable nootropic supplement has been widely studied with great results. The findings show what traditional Chinese medicine has known

22 11, 2020

PQQ: The Cognitive-Enhancing, Health-Inducing, ‘Longevity Vitamin’

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Nootropic products are touted for their purported effects on different  aspects of cognition. Although there is nothing wrong with this, especially when they deliver on their promises, the holy grail remains a supplement that can do this while improving overall health. With Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), the prospects for not only increasing cognition but health and longevity are tangible.  A study demonstrated that not only does PQQ induce mitochondrial biogenesis, but is more effective at lower doses than other known assistants in mitochondria manufacturing. The illustrious list of compounds that PQQ