Nootropic Synergy and Alpha-GPC

Environmental factors and genetic factors can tax and damage the brain. Even if we choose wisely in our daily lives, eschewing a poor diet and other pitfalls, the damage that comes with the aging process may be needlessly accelerated. For this reason, incorporating proper nootropic supplements to mitigate or reverse this trend becomes essential to our brain health and general cognition.

Alpha GPC, also known as choline alphoscerate, is a compound that is well-established as an effective treatment for neuronal injury, as well as a means to increase acetylcholine levels and brain-derived neurotrophic factor. These physiological effects produce memory enhancement and positively augment cognitive functioning (Yu, 2020).

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a neurotrophin and is involved in a variety of functions. As an enthusiast of nootropics, perhaps the most exciting aspect of Alpha GPC increasing BDNF is that this particular neurotrophin is linked to the functioning of spatial and non-spatial memory (Dieni, 2012)

Alpha GPC’s benefits were observed on subjects exposed to severe stress and were otherwise healthy. However, there is reason for a positive outlook regarding potential benefits for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Clinical studies show Alpha GPC improved both memory and attention impairments in subjects with dementia. Furthermore, there is indication that Alpha GPC increases the beneficial results from therapeutic interventions for Alzheimer’s disease (Traini, 2013).

Alpha GPC is also an adjuvant to other supplements, taken to enhance the effects of other nootropics. One study using an animal model sought to find a mechanism to mitigate age-related memory decline, and administered choline, piracetam, or a combination of both to determine the effects. Although the administration of choline by itself had no significant effect, piracetam was found to have a slight benefit. However the remarkable finding was that a combination of both compounds resulted in a profound increase in scores on memory tests, The astonishing increase in scores eclipsed the other groups by several times.(Bartus, 1981)

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