Uridine: A Holy Grail of Nootropics

Discovering nootropic supplements sometimes feels like finding a holy grail. When a compound benefits our mental and physical health, it is exhilarating. One of these smart supplements is Uridine Monophosphate.

Uridine has exhibited positive effects for cognition and learning, Alzheimer’s Disease, Bipolar Disorder, and cardiac health.

Although the research on uridine’s role in improving cognition is not extensive because it has not been studied widely in this capacity, there is a study performed which displayed significant improvements on human subjects in an array of cognitive tests. Memory, visual learning, execution of executive functioning, and cognitive flexibility drastically improved in a combination of nootropics incorporating uridine (Richter, 2011).

One may ask why Uridine may boost cognition with such effectiveness, and the answer if fairly well-known. Uridine is found to have positive benefits on both synaptic function and neural outgrowth.

Uridine confers benefits upon synaptic functions by increasing brain phosphatidylcholine levels, a primary constituent of dendrite membranes. At least two studies have fed animal models uridine, and have observed that indeed it leads to the formation and functioning of synapses. As a caveat, the studies also combined fish oil and choline with the uridine, resulting in this potent synergistic effect. Cognitive enhancements were also noted as an enhanced release of neurotransmitters. (Wurtman, 2009)

Yet just as important as our cognitive health and the maintenance of our general intellectual aptitude, is our mental health. Here too, uridine shines forth. A six week study observed that uridine supplementation for bipolar disorder in adolescents resulted in a significant positive effect on subjects in comparison with baseline depressive symptoms, prompting researchers to call for more systematic studies (Kondo, 2011).

Moreover, in considering if uridine is right for us, we should weigh the evidence of its effects on physical health outside of its involvement with the brain. Again, uridine looks like a winner – with a vital role as a potential agent of anti-ischemic mechanisms. Indeed, experiments conducted on an animal model displayed that uridine affects stability in energy metabolism in the heart following an hour-long occlusion of the left coronary artery. (Krylova, 2012)

Fortunately, uridine is not as evasive as the legendary grail, and it is made readily available by high quality companies like Double Wood Supplements. The reasons for incorporating uridine in your nootropic stack are many and diverse, of which I have only highlighted some of the major features that give uridine a magnetic appeal to anyone who is concerned about brain health, mental health, and their overall health.

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