Fisetin and Your Memory

Fisetin has been rigorously researched for its beneficial activities including reduction of the impact of aging, disease, and the improvement of cognition. Here, we will focus primarily on its potency as a nootropic – a smart drug for your brain.

As a nootropic, fisetin is observed to protect nerve cells (Ishige, 2001), and promote their differentiation (Sagara, 2004). Fisetin also markedly acts on the hippocampus, potentially improving memory and learning. (He, 2018)

The implications for the treatment of Alzheimers and other dementias are clear. Fisetin has been administered in studies on healthy animal models and the results are very promising to those who simply want an effective natural nootropic.

The oral ingestion of fisetin led to the significant facilitation of hippocampal long-term potentiation induction. The results of the study suggested that fisetin crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts upon the hippocampus, promoting synaptic activity (He, 2018).

This is a crucial finding, as the phenomenon of long-term potentiation in the hippocampus is generally associated with being a physiological basis for learning and memory. (Bliss, 1993) Indeed, a study was conducted to see if this cellular augmentation would lead to improvements in memory.

The discovery was positive, as the administration of fisetin led to enhancement in object-recognition in an animal model. (Maher, 2006) This indicates that long-term memory can be improved by fisetin supplementation.

Remembering is something we should all value. It is both a fundamental element of cognition and learning, as well as what links us to the people and events of our lives. The activity of a nootropic like fisetin may not only make our memory deeper and more vivid, but may also ameliorate the effects of cognitively debilitating trauma and diseases.

For this reason, fisetin may be a welcome addition to your nootropic stack. Double Wood Supplements offers high-quality fisetin that may help place you on the path to a life with improved long-term memory. Whether you desire something that would help your studies or you simply wish to remember better that which matters most. Fisetin may be the key you need to unlock the door to a deeper memory.


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