Lion’s Mane for a Better Brain

Many nootropic products are relatively new with little research to support their cognition-enhancing claims. Racetams are one of these as the first of its kind did not surface until the latter half of the twentieth century. On the other hand, there are nootropic products that have a history stretching back millennia, and were well understood by the ancients to improve the mind.

One of these products is Lion’s Mane mushroom. This remarkable nootropic supplement has been widely studied with great results. The findings show what traditional Chinese medicine has known for ages. This special fungi has excellent properties conducive to brain and nerve health.

In animal studies, Lion’s mane was shown to reduce infarction after a stroke by up to 44 percent. (Zhang 2016) It has also shown positive results in producing both neurotrophic activity (growth of neurons) and myelination in the brain. One study discovered that administration of H. erinaceus resulted in promoting NGF gene expression in human astrocytoma cells, and that it also facilitated the outgrowth of neurites (Mori 2009).

What this translates to in overall cognitive improvements has also been subject to study in humans and animals, and the results are encouraging. A study of patients with mild cognitive impairments revealed a significant improvement on cognitive tests in comparison with the placebo group (Mori 2009).

Outside of nootropic benefits, there may be psychological benefits as well. A clinical trial conducted on menopausal women found that Lion’s Mane reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. (Nagano, 2010)

Altogether Lion’s Mane mushroom is a winning supplement. A product capable of increasing cognition and allowing us to reach greater intellectual heights while also helping us to remain calm and happy. It stands as a great addition to any nootropic regimen.

An excellent supplement that utilizes Lion’s Mane among other proven nootropic products is Allysian Rise, a coffee that adds high-quality H. erinaceus along with L-Theanine to provide a synergistic nootropic effect for both short and long-term benefits. The experts who produced this supplement ensured that its ingredients are proportioned for a high degree of efficacy.

Rise Coffee is composed of a synergistic blend of active ingredients, including Lion’s Mane, in the perfect proportions and optimal potencies to stimulate the production of neuroprotective factors, including BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), that are vital to learning, memory, and overall brain health. Certified fair trade and organic, Rise releases the robust flavours of 100% Arabica coffee crystals, enhanced with clinically supported natural extracts such as Neurofactor.™

Allysian Rise Coffee


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