PQQ: The Cognitive-Enhancing, Health-Inducing, ‘Longevity Vitamin’

Nootropic products are touted for their purported effects on different  aspects of cognition. Although there is nothing wrong with this, especially when they deliver on their promises, the holy grail remains a supplement that can do this while improving overall health.

With Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), the prospects for not only increasing cognition but health and longevity are tangible. 

A study demonstrated that not only does PQQ induce mitochondrial biogenesis, but is more effective at lower doses than other known assistants in mitochondria manufacturing. The illustrious list of compounds that PQQ eclipses includes powerful antioxidants like resveratrol and Genistein.  (Chowanadisai, 2010). Continuous mitochondria production is essential to living a longer life and avoiding many age-related diseases.

Its benefits go beyond cognitive enhancement or being a “longevity vitamin” (Ames, 2018)  as animal studies show promising results in the treatment of type-2 diabetes, (Takada, 2012) and cardiac infarctions. (Zhu, 2004) 

The administration of PQQ reduced the size of cardiac infarctions and improved overall heart health in the afflicted subjects. (Zhu, 2004) Considering the stunning observation and its implications for general heart health, one can only lament that more human trials have not taken place. 

With the promising benefits PQQ may confer, it would be worthwhile to add it to any health-conscious supplemental regimen. Yet for those of us who thirst for products to sharpen our mental acuity, PQQ proves to be an exciting and powerful nootropic.

More than one study on healthy human subjects demonstrated the profound cognitive-enhancing effects of the oral administration of PQQ. This nootropic is observed physiologically to increase blood-flow in the prefrontal cortex. (Itoh, 2016)

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, when subjects were given tests that quantify the faculties of attention and working memory, the group that received PQQ astonishingly outperformed the other group with significant increases in test scores. (Itoh, 2016)

A separate study demonstrated an outstanding increase in scores on language-tasks for the PQQ group while little improvement was found in the placebo group. (Yamada, 2020)

Oral administration at recommended doses rarely produces any unwanted side-effects. If we are to treat ourselves to this grade-A nootropic, we should choose a grade-A company such as Double Wood Supplements, to ensure the purity and potency of the product. May we all live longer, better, and smarter!  

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