Nootropics in the Carribean: Allysian’s 2019 Elite Escape

Aruba, Jamaica, Key Largo, Montigo, Bermuda, Bahamas – while we did not manage to hit all the spots mentioned by the Beach Boys or find the fabled Kokomo, Allysian’s 2019 Elite Escape was an event that brought together a diverse group of people with a shared love of fun, sun, fitness, brain health, and high quality nootropics. The Caribbean was the perfect place to lounge, laze, and enjoy the company of other people who had earned the right to lounge and laze.

At the first dinner, as I was deciding if grilled lobster tail would pair well with the cherries jubilee, I was offered a packet of Symphony, an organic Pu-erh tea fortified with the extracts of several mushrooms shown in peer reviewed studies to improve brain function. I am not a fan of mushrooms, despite the best efforts of their devotees to convert me. Yet, to my surprise, it had a pleasant and subdued tea flavor (those who find green tea too “grassy” would find Symphony more than palatable) with rich notes of chocolate.

The cofounder of NootritionHub noticed an almost immediate change in my expression from listlessness to focus. Perhaps my weariness came from from sleeping at an AirBnB in Miami that looked much more luxurious in its  pictures than it did in person or maybe it was just exhaustion from travel, but there is no doubt her reading of my face was spot on. It even made parsing the Cantonese segments of our dinner discussions with my tenuous grasp of Mandarin more stimulating than torturous.

Adam Alonzi Lizard Bites

In Puerto Rico. The little fellow seized my ear lobe and didn’t want to let go.

It was similar to a normal tea buzz, but many times more pronounced (tea buzzes are generally subtle, after all). Instead of feeling marginally more willing to tackle a task, I was ready to calmly hammer away at anything the world might throw at me. Stimulants can give us false confidence, but this was not like the feeling one has after downing an espresso. It was the elusive “flow” state so many of us are always chasing. This blissful and vigilant state of mind was used to eat the appetizers and desserts my business partner/co-eater had ordered to sample (and me to finish).

Coffee should not be taken immediately upon awakening (Drake, 2013). This was something I figured during my morning chess games in San Diego; if I had caffeine within the first few hours of getting up I would feel, almost always, foggier than before imbibing. Coffee causes cortisol – a stress hormone – levels to rise and since they are already at their highest first thing in the morning, adding caffeine only makes matters worse. Yet this was not the case when I had RISE with breakfast. Again, it’s an exceptionally good coffee that has been made better through the addition of mushroom extracts that facilitate the production of BDNF and and NGF – two proteins needed for the healthy maintenance of nerve cells. Theanine prevents the caffeine from overwhelming your nerves while providing some unique benefits of its own.

Phosphatidylserine, which blunts cortisol and promotes focus, is a welcome addition to any nutritional stack. It is one of the ingredients of MasterMind. I have been a fan of MasterMind for about a year and a half.  Buying MasterMind much less expensive than attempting to source, extract, and blend all of the ingredients yourself – and  let’s not forget about getting everything third party tested. There’s a reason why it can be safely called the purest nootropic in the world. It is more than a nootropic; it is also a an adaptogenic blend – a group of ingredients handpicked to let you gracefully withstand the sometimes extraordinary demands of ordinary life.

What was most satisfying about the journey was speaking to others whose lives had been improved by MasterMind, Rise, Symphony, and Genesis. Most were happy to have more energy for work and play, but others had less mundane problems. One of the attendees was a woman in her late thirties who had been diagnosed with early onset dementia. Although initially (and understandably) distraught, she found Allysian’s nootropic supplements alleviated her symptoms. She is now a successful sales representative for the company. Selling an item that does not make the world a better place is not fulfilling and neither is selling one that cannot be confidently called the best on the market.

What sort of company throws away 9,000 bottles of its own products (in this case, Genesis – one of the most impressive collections of phytonutrients ever assembled) because a single ingredient does not meet their specifications for potency and purity (in other words, it was still acceptable to all health organizations and thus saleable)? The sort that takes its top performers on a Caribbean cruise. What sort of company would throw away 6,000 bottles of its gummy vitamins because the coloration wasn’t quite right? Allysian Sciences. I have been in the nootropics game for nearly a decade now, almost my entire working life, and no company has left a more favorable impression on me than Allysian Sciences. This is why NootritionHub proudly sells Allysian’s products.

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