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MasterMind is cGMP certified, USDA organic, Kosher, and third party tested to the hilt. Each batch, documented here, is thoroughly vetted for purity and potency. As someone who has written for websites like Nootriment for over five years, and has inspected their hundreds of nutritional supplements, I can attest to MasterMind’s uniqueness in a cesspool of pills and powders which may or may not do – or even contain – what their makers claim. More often than not neither the blends nor any of their individual ingredients have any clinical evidence to support their efficacy. Consumers need to demand more from their supplements. Fortunately they are. That’s precisely why products like MasterMind, Rise, and Symphony are gaining momentum.

GMP without the C is sort of like having a clean bill of health from 1970. That’s why the little c is so crucial (and don’t worry, at first I thought it stood for Canadian). MasterMind is crafted in state of the art facilities comply with current good manufacturing practices. The use of Cereboost, a trademarked ginseng blend, resulted in 15.6% improvement of working memory capacity and 9.9% WM reaction time in the verum group (Shin et. al, 2016). A quick search for KSM-66 Ashwagandha on PubMed or Google scholar will bring up studies on its efficacy as an adaptogen, sexual tonic, and a potential life-extender (Kumar, 2013). MasterMind was formulated by Apolo Ohno, the most decorated winter Olympian in history, to produce the calm but alert state of mind needed for peak performance. It is precisely what day traders, athletes, chess players, and gamers need to excel at critical junctures.Truth be told, nearly everyone in this day and age can benefit from adaptogens and nootropics to cope with the stresses of everyday life and excel in an increasingly demanding professional world.

MasterMind is a matrix of blends that support one another. It is the synergy between them that gives it a special “feel” compared to the other noots I’ve tried. AdaptaZen, AgileBrain, BrainDrive, and LongeviBrain all support peak performance in different ways. Whereas BrainDrive contributes to better response times, LongeviBrain is composed of maritime pine bark and green tea extract, both of which have been shown to decrease antioxidant damage. So, like Cereboost, they are neuroprotectants as well as ergogenic aids. Whereas AdaptaZen, composed of Bacopa and theanine, assists in boosting memory and producing feelings of calm, AgileBrain boosts cognition and combats the deleterious effects of cortisol with taurine and phosphatidylserine (two of my personal favorites that are boon to office workers and fitness enthusiasts alike). It is an all natural adaptogenic matrix formulated to give you the energy you need for a long day, week or month. It is also a nootropic that, while giving you the sharpness you need to finish that looming assignment, can also help keep your brain healthy for years to come.

Stacked with a coffee like Rise or a tea like Symphony, which has been shown to increase brain-derived neutrophic factor and nerve growth factor, it is your solution for long term cognitive enhancement. If you know of another supplement specifically designed to enhance cognition that has been vetted as closely as MasterMind, feel free to post it in the comments section. It is by far the best nootropic I’ve ever read about or tried. It’s the only one out there today I’d ever consider taking. I always eagerly await my next shipment.

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