Relaxed Focus from a Natural Nootropic – The Power of Theanine

There are a modicum of drugs and herbs on the market that alleviate stress. For those with anxiety disorders these medications may be necessary, but for the majority of us, who are simply trying to cope with the demands placed upon us by everyday life, there are gentler alternatives. Theanine reduces adverse responses to both physiological and psychological stressors in rats and humans (Kimura, 2007).

Theanine is found in tea. Side effects are rare and not exactly life threatening, but they can include headaches and nausea (usually when large amounts are taken). Typical dosages range from two to four 200 mg doses taken over the course of a day. Theanine lowers blood pressure (Yokogoshi 1995) and helps in maintaining a healthy body mass composition (Zheng 2004). One other interesting finding about theanine is it increases the amount of observed alpha activity in the brain, the types of waves that are associated with meditative “flow” states (Kobayashi 1996).
To quote Nathan et. al (2006):

“Pre-clinical studies suggest that L-theanine increases a number of neurotransmitters including serotonin,dopamine and GABA levels and has micromolar affinities for AMPA, kainate and NMDA receptors.Behavioural studies in animals demonstrate improvements in learning and memory following L-theanine administration. In addition L-theanine has been shown to exert neuroprtective effects in animal models possibly through its antagonistic effect on group 1 metabotrophic glutamate receptors.”

The problems associated with chronically high stress levels are well-documented. Now more than ever it’s clear that you should try your best to stay calm (easier said than done, right?). Your career, your hobbies, your relationships with other people, and your health are dependent on it, so you’d better protect your peace of mind like your life depends on it. Theanine and taurine are two amino acids that can do just that. If you like to drink coffee you might experience some of the negative side effects, like jitteriness and uneasiness, as well as the ones you want. Theanine is used by many coffee drinkers to help take the edge off.

Theanine lengthens the lifespans of the model organism C. elegans (Zarse, 2012). That’s pretty neat. Maybe the worms feel less stressed out. It must be a rat race searching for food and being the gold standard among model organisms – scientists always wanting to test something or other out on you. MasterMind contains theanine and other premium natural organic nootropics that keep your brain running at top speed in the short run and long run (improving BDNF production, for example, has long lasting benefits), contains just the right amount of theanine to help you stay focused, relaxed, and doing your very best.


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