Jeans Wong

At age 32, I suspected I had Alzheimer’s disease. This was a scary thought and one that propelled me towards brain health awareness.

It happened 3 years ago and I knew if I didn’t begin drastically altering my lifestyle, diet, & habits that I would eventually be diagnosed with some sort of brain disease.


I had most of the symptoms of early stage of Dementia, The ones that had the most profound impact were memory loss, inability to create new memories and hence causing unbearable disorganization in my life.

I was consumed with feelings of hopelessness when what used to be simple tasks such as driving and cooking became impossible and even dangerous.


I am lucky that I was aware of my cognitive decline at a stage that was still reversible.

Now, I would say my cognitive health is improving and many of the symptoms are completely gone.

If I could do it anyone can as well! The first step is to be aware of our cognitive health.

Cognitive performance may seem like a very abstract concept and difficult to measure on a day to day basis. But if we put our health as a priority and

become conscious of our state of mind then even slight changes in cognitive performance can become noticeable.


There are always millions of things happening in the moment that are able to distract us from looking after our cognitive health.

However, remember that without cognitive health, we will not be able to do even one thing.