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Symphony Tea (20 Servings)

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100% Organic Pu-erh Tea Essence

Infused with

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom , Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom  and Organic Reishi Mushroom



Made In Canada No Artificial Preservatives No Artificial Additives

No Artificial Colours No Artificial Sweeteners Plant Based







Allysian Symphony is a harmonious blend of 100% certified organic Pu-erh tea, infused with

three clinically supported mushroom extracts.Imagine a perfectly balanced tea. A tea where the rhythms of ancient nutrition interplay

with the beat of modern technology.Each sip of Allysian Symphony reveals the nuances of hand-selected, ultra premium quality Pu-erh tea, traditionally revered for its fragrance, elegance, and ability to enhance overall health. Today, Pu-erh tea is highly cherished for the effective role it plays in boosting metabolism and promoting weight loss. Allysian Symphony takes Pu-erh tea to the next level, delivering the time-honoured benefits of mushroom extracts that have shown improvements in cognition, exercise performace, and fatigue.

With Allysian Symphony, transform imagination into reality.

Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom

A mushroom found in the high altitude regions of Nepal and Tibet, Cordyceps has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, boasting benefits related to immune health, athletic performance, and vitality.

  • Boosts endurance levels & exercise performance
  • Reduces oxidative stress

How It Works

  • Increases metabolic and ventilatory thresholds for improved exercise performance
  • Reduces oxidative injury through active compounds with potent antioxidant effects

In a 2010 study, healthy older adults who took Cordyceps for 12 weeks exhibited increased measures of exercise performace, compared to those taking placebo.